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  For fourteen years Arlisa has been sharing her heart and igniting others in the pure joy and awareness of being united in breath and body thru Yoga, holistic massage and energy medicine. Her powerfully guided classes honor the breath as Maha Guru (Great Teacher) and offer each student the space to experience their fullest potential in each moment. She gracefully weaves the limbs of Yoga together with her passion for our earth, nature, the human body and the healing intelligence that pervades them all. Offering sacred touch with intention, activating inner then outer alignment she supports an embodied awareness of Self so that regenerating power of Prana (the life force) may be fully realized. By recognizing the wholeness and innate wisdom of each individual she holds the space for healing to happen.

 In private sessions she creates a nurturing space for you to relax into greater ease, allowing for your natural restorative and healing state to be remembered and integrated into your daily life.  Honoring your unique constitution and life rhythms, each session is tailored for you. 

Whether on the mat, in the woods, water or on the table she holds the space for you to be Home in breath and body so that you may unwind, align and flourish!



    Visit me at the Whitefish Healing Arts Center in downtown Whitefish Montana