Quotes Arlisa is truly unique in her practice - I could hear and feel her breath as she gave me the most amazing massage. Her breathing caused me to breath deeply which relaxed me into such a deep state of being as I have never experienced before. She truly has the breath of life in her soul. Quotes
Alicia Buisst
Breath of Life

Quotes "From the moment I met Arlisa and experienced her work my heart and body sang a resounding "Yes!". Arlisa brings to each session a wisdom of body and connection with LIfe and is extraordinarily skilled in supporting me in listening and being in my own body in a way I've longed for. I find myself moving through inner challenges with a feeling of safety and thirst for more work, and a profound connection to myself, now. It's the opposite of my mind telling me what I need, but a response to Arlisa's work and wisdom which my soul and body want to continue. I'm pulled into my personal practice by what I've experienced with Arlisa and what I have learned to trust will be revealed in me. This yoga with Arlisa is a true spiritual practice. I hold a deep gratitude that Arlisa is one of my teachers in this life." Quotes
Leslie M

Quotes I'll never forget when you told us" there is strength in your softness". That was a take away that I stuffed in my heart and have found very useful. You're inspirational and amazing and your classes are magical! I am so blessed to have had you as a teacher. Thanks! Quotes

Quotes Gratitude is not merely a word used to convey a feeling. When it truly comes from the heart, gratitude is a shared experience. This is how I felt during my session with you. You gently held my heart in your hand and gave me all that I needed to feel secure, comfortable and empowered. I understood that it was not about getting a pose technically "right" but experiencing it fully through the breath. And letting the breath sustain, revive and empower me. The few hours that we spent together was truly a gift and one that I am very grateful for. Thank you for your time, beauty, compassion and grace............ Quotes

Quotes With a thorough understanding of the muscle map of the body, Arlisa will teach you how to let go of pain and trust your own strength. But the real magic is in her spirit: in Arlisa's presence, my heart began to open. Thank you for bringing me back to the deep well of yoga! Quotes
Caroline W.